• "The last five years I have been taking pain medication for Fibromyalgia with poor results. Often constipation would last days until I got off the pain meds. Dizziness was a problem too. Since trying edibles from Stone City the pain has reduced with no dizzy spells."

    Jon Contrine, Markham, ON

  • "I'm a retired doctor that travels cross Canada lecturing to various university students. It was difficult to medicate discreetly until I discovered infused edibles. Carrying a few cookies or energy bars in my bag never raises a red flag, even at the airport! The discretion is what I look for and there is no distinctive Cannabis smell either."

    Dr. I. Bassam, Brampton, ON

  • "Finally, a medicinal cookie made with Vegan and "kosher" ingredients!"

    Reeva Sterling, North York, ON

  • "With so many food intolerances and allergies I safely consume and deeply enjoy the Almond Butter and the Power Balls."

    Eva Chang, Toronto, ON

  • "No more pain meds for me. Medical edibles is a great way to discreetly medicate and still stay focused. These cookies taste great and will take the pain away."

    Simon Walters, North York, ON

  • "After finally deciding to take the plunge and order MJ edibles on line I'm kicking myself to why I didn't do this sooner! It was so easy to order and a few days later a discreet package from Canada Post was in my mailbox. As well I like paying by e-transfer its better and easier than credit cards."

    Janicette Auberge, Montreal, QC

  • "I use edibles for pain and for recreation. These cookies are awesome for both. They taste great, made with high quality ingredients and are very discreet. Keep them away from the kids!

    Olsen Halloway, Britannia, AB